Surrey BC Intellectual Property Lawyer

At Patrola Law, one of our core services involves protecting the valuable intellectual property rights of small, mid-sized and multi-national businesses.

We have a particular focus on trademarks and assist our clients search, register and enforce trademarks in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Services are provided by experienced lawyers who are also registered trademark agents.



Patrola Law regularly files Canadian trademark and copyright applications on behalf of clients and assists in filing similar applications applied for in other countries.

Our Trademark services include:

  • trademark search and registration
  • drafting, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in Canada and internationally
  • enforcement of trademarks across Canada and the United States
  • conducting opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • trademark litigation, including infringement and cyber-squatting
  • domain name registrations and disputes
  • trademark and brand counselling, including portfolio management
  • licensing agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

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