Surrey BC Real Estate Lawyer

Patrola Law is experienced in providing a full range of real estate law services to clients in Surrey.

Clients trust us to help them close deals quickly and cost-effectively with all aspects of residential and commercial real estate.

Residential Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a home is the biggest financial transaction most people will experience in their entire life. We provide expert guidance to numerous clients going through this process each year.

Our lawyers know what to expect and know how to avoid the pitfalls related to transferring title on residential or commercial properties.

How our real estate lawyers can help you

Our firm is experienced in representing clients in the purchase, sale, or refinancing of residential real estate. We break down the complexity of the process into understandable terms.

  • We provide clear instruction on GST and GST rebates applicable on new or substantially renovated properties.
  • We also routinely check to see if clients can meet criteria for exemption from the Property Transfer Tax (PTT). PTT is a provincial tax on all purchases of property at a rate of 1% on the first $200,000 of the property’s fair market value and 2% on the balance.
  • We can create everything from construction contracts and commercial lease agreements to mortgages for private lenders.
  • We also handle development applications to municipalities or the land title office such as subdivision, amalgamation, or strata plan applications as well as all manner of permits.

For those who have lost a spouse or joint property owner, we are able to create an application to legally transfer title to surviving property owner. When an executor is handling the estate we can register a transmission application allowing the executor to transfer their obligations to the estate.

In addition to creating customized contracts for real estate businesses, our firm is experienced in creating co-ownership agreements. Co-ownership agreements create legally binding agreements to prevent dispute within a group that purchases a property together.

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Commercial Real Estate Law

From landlords, realtors, builders, to developers, Patrola Law represents clients in the purchase, sale, or refinancing of commercial real estate in Surrey and Greater Vancouver. We move quickly with precision to help navigate your time and budget sensitive deadlines.

Real Estate Development

We assist both experienced and new developers with rezoning or structuring residential, commercial, and mixed use developments. We help with any kind of land title and government applications necessary to subdivide or amalgamate land, or to register new strata property.

Commercial Leasing

We assist many real estate landlords as well as tenants in negotiating lease terms, reviewing and preparing lease agreements and all related documentation.

Commercial Lending

We draft all types of security documentation to secure lenders for loans, whether the financing is for acquisition of land or business, or if its a loan for business operation.


We can assist clients with every step of the process, from contract drafting and review, and negotiations, to all necessary due diligence to ensure clients are protected.

Municipal Applications

Local governments often require covenants or priority agreements registered onto title before granting permission for some kinds of building applications. We are happy to assist in these matters.

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