Attention: Money-Transfer and Cryptocurrency Businesses in the UAE Acquire a Ready-to-Operate MSB in Canada

Looking to start your money-transfer or cryptocurrency business in the UAE? Explore hassle-free Money Services Business acquisition in Canada with expert legal support from Patrola Law. Get licensed, save time, and avoid costly processes.

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Purchasing an existing Canadian MSB can be the fastest way to start business as a licensed/registered MSB. Canada has become a favorite destination for international fintech companies wishing to provide business services such as: money-transfer, payment remittance, payment service provider, foreign currency exchange and dealing in virtual currency. Purchasing a Canadian MSB can help many companies avoid expensive and cumbersome license processes in other jurisdictions, like the Canada, UK, European Union, and UAE. Most companies are able to commence operations immediately upon purchase of the Canadian MSB.

How Can Patrola Law Help?

Patrola Law is Canada’s leading law firm for MSB registration services and related regulatory compliance matters with FINTRAC. If you are looking to purchase a Canadian MSB, we strongly recommend purchasing only those MSBs where a Canadian law firm has handled all aspects of the incorporation, MSB application process, and preparation of MSB compliance documents - and will continue to provide on-going support.

Our firm often has access to Canadian MSBs that are available for immediate purchase. Our team of experienced lawyers can facilitate quick completion of purchase transactions, and can also continue to provide on-going legal support for your MSB.

Peace of Mind: Many times, our firm has been directly involved in the incorporation of the MSB, prosecution of the MSB application, and preparation of the comprehensive MSB compliance documents. We can assure the work has been done properly by leading Canadian lawyers, and that the work has been done to the highest standards.

Perpinder Patrola

CEO and Lawyer

We Have Access to Canadian MSBs Available for Purchase

Expanding to the UAE

We’re excited to announce our continued and growing Canadian MSB acquisition (and application) services to clients in the United Arab Emirates. There has been increasing demand for such services from our UAE clients in response to the growing adoption of cryptocurrency in the UAE, and the demand for regulatory compliance services. For more information about Patrola Law’s MSB acquisition services, please visit our website. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex world of money transfer services and digital currency, and providing comprehensive legal solutions every step of the way.

Patrola Law is a Canadian law firm that specializes in business law services. Patrola Law provides comprehensive legal solutions for fintech companies around the world and has a particular focus on regulatory compliance for Canadian MSBs - including money-transfer, payment service provider, foreign currency exchange, and cryptocurrency businesses. 

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Canada MSB Registration (Money Services Business) for Canadian or Foreign Crypto and Blockchain Businesses

Start An E-Money Business In Canada

Building a money services business (MSB) from the ground up can be time-consuming and fraught with uncertainty. Buying an existing MSB saves time enabling you to focus on growth and innovation rather than the initial setup.

Canada MSB Registration 

Registering as a Money Services Business (MSB) with Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) is a legal requirement that helps prevent money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

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