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Take control of the fees you pay with our a-la-carte legal services.

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We Handle Small Claims Cases

The purpose of small claims court is to provide individuals a "do-it-yourself" platform without the aid of a lawyer. 

However, most do not find it viable to hire a lawyer when legal assistance is needed because legal fees generally outweighs the value of the case itself.

We have solved that problem.

Our Solution

We have developed an a-la-carte small claims system designed to assist you when you need it.


Whether we handle only one stage of your case or the entire process, you control where you require legal assistance.

We only charge flat or capped rates. There are no surprise bills. You decide what you can afford.


Our litigation lawyer works together with you as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid delays and prevent stress.

A-La-Carte Small Claims Fee Toolkit




1. File a Claim or Reply

Filing a Notice of Claim/Filing a Reply and/or making a Counterclaim

1. Meet personally or by electronic means; review all docs and get full story from client; help draft pleadings/fill out necessary forms; advise on the next steps in the process and aid the client in filing the claim/reply and/or counterclaim.

2. 2-hour maximum

$800 + tax

*government filing fees are not included

2. Settlement Conference

1. prepare for and attend settlement conference with client (w/sufficient advance notice –usually at least 2 weeks before).

$1,000 + tax

3. Trial

1. prepare for and attend trial with client (w/sufficient advance notice – usually at least 1 month before); help client file any docs/comply with any disclosure orders made at settlement

Based on a typical half day or full day trial, if the claim is 

between >$5,001 and $10,000, our fee is capped at $2,000.00 + tax

between >$10,000 and $20,000, our fee is capped at $3,000.00 + tax

between >$20,000 and $35,000, our fee is capped at $4,000.00 + tax

*exact fees can be quoted upon consultation.

4. Enforcing a Judgment (Collecting Debt)

(a) Meeting with client to discuss options for collecting money owed to them by virtue of a judgment.

(b) Filling out and Filing Summons to Payment Hearing or Summons to Default Hearing.

(c) Attending payment or default hearing with client.

If (a) only, $250 + tax (1 hr max).

If (a) and (b), $500 + tax (2 hrs max).

If (a), (b), and (c), $1000 + tax.

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